Wheel Alignment

Wheel AlignmentYou probably know the feeling. Your car’s steering wheel is aimed just to the right or left, but the vehicle is driving straight as an arrow. What can cause this? What you are experiencing is a bad case of misaligned wheels. To keep your vehicle driving in a straight line, regular wheel alignments and balancings are necessary. Don’t trust this intricate job to some just any auto service center, bring it down to the hometown experts at RI Automotive for the best wheel alignment in Tampa, FL.

Wheel Alignment in Tampa, FL

What actually happens when you have your wheels aligned? Alignment refers to the process of adjusting your vehicle’s suspension parts to push the wheels and tires into specific angles, which ensures all four of your wheels are balanced perfectly to come into contact with the road in equal parts as you drive. This helps with steering, preventing uneven tire wear, and even your car’s performance. Misaligned wheels aren’t necessarily the fault of the driver, either. While major or minor accidents and hitting debris can definitely knock your wheels out of alignment, the passing of time can do the very same thing. If you feel your car pulling to one side, it might be time for a wheel alignment from RI Automotive.

Suspension and Alignment in Tampa, FL

When it comes to wheel alignment in Tampa, FL, the experts at RI Automotive are the very best in the biz. We will check and re-check your suspension, wheels, and tires during a wheel alignment service, making sure all the parts of these systems are in line and working perfectly. We will also look for any uneven wear on tires, often the culprit of driving on misaligned wheels, and offer suggestions for repair or replacement if necessary. Our ASE-certified mechanics promise that before we let you drive away, we will have everything is as in line as the first day you got in the driver’s seat.

Alignment Near Me

If your car is running like it should and just slightly pulls to a side or another, it might not seem like a pressing issue. You’d be wrong, as the possible damage being done long-term by not having properly aligned wheels will hit you right in the wallet. Luckily, the seasoned professionals at RI Automotive are here to help. Not only will we get you back behind the wheel, our 3-year/36,000 mile warranty ensures that your wheel alignment will be done right the first time, every time. Give RI Automotive a call or make an appointment online with us today.

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