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You’ve likely heard the phrase the “in’s and out’s” of something (whatever that something is). When it comes to tire repair, you not only need to know the in’s and out’s, but you also need to know the “off’s.” Specifically, you need to know if the tire repair was made from the INside or the OUTside and whether the tire was taken OFF the rim. To be sure your flat or leaking tire is taken care of properly, bring your vehicle to RI Automotive in Tampa, Florida. We’ve been providing reputable service since 2002 because our professionals are passionate about what they do. Our team will help you with your tire trouble and have you rolling again soon.

Repair or ReTIRE?

We get it. Tires can be expensive. So when you have a flat or leaking tire, you’re probably hoping to repair it since that is less expensive than replacing it. We agree–if it’s safe to repair. But if it isn’t, it’s time to retire the tire. So how do you know? First, consider the tread wear. Your tire should have at least 2/32″ (2 mm) of tread remaining in order to consider repairing a puncture. Second, assess the size and location of the breach. Generally, it is safe to fix a puncture up to 1/4″ in the tread area. It is not, however, advisable to repair a larger puncture or cut or one that is in or near the sidewall. Finally, consider the general condition of the tire. It should not have belts/cords showing, exhibit cracking sidewalls, or have been driven flat. Also, if you have tires rated for high speed, be aware that some manufacturers no longer guarantee the speed rating if the tire has been damaged and repaired.

Temporary vs. Permanent Repairs

If you’re stranded in an area where help is not available, you may have to make a temporary repair to get back to a safe area and a reputable repair shop. Temporary solutions may include using a can of tire sealer from your trunk or plugging the tire from the outside if you happen to have a tire plugging kit (tool and rope plug). If you make one of these roadside repairs, drive slowly and take your auto to a shop for proper repair. Once you get to that establishment, a permanent repair should begin with a technician removing your tire from it’s rim. Also, it’s best to repair the tire from both the inside (with a mushroom shaped patch) and the outside (with a plug). This both seals and fills to ensure lasting results. You can trust RI Automotive in Tampa, Florida, to permanently fix your injured tire and to become your permanent go-to auto repair shop, as well.

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