Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Tampa, FL

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You chose tires for your vehicle based on your specific needs. Or maybe they just came with the vehicle. Either way, you know your tires and wheels are essential to your vehicle’s performance. The research and expertise that go into tire manufacturing is all wasted if the tires are not installed and maintained correctly. Even the best tires are no match for poor maintenance. At RI Automotive in Tampa, Florida, we can take the burden out of routine maintenance like wheel alignment. By regularly having the wheel alignment checked by a professional, you can get the best and longest life out of your tires. As part of your ongoing and preventative maintenance, ask our technicians about wheel alignment and ensuring your vehicle is performing at its peak efficiency and safety. In turn, we will show you options for your vehicle and transparent cost estimates for these services.

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But Why Align My Wheels?

The points of contact between your tires and your vehicle are points of heavy stress. Whether you are driving a family of five or a commercial delivery of five hundred units, your cargo is important to you. Wheel alignment is essential to driving safety as it determines how the bulk of your vehicle’s weight is distributed to your tires. You may not know how to check your vehicle’s toe, camber, or caster, but our ASE certified and ASE Master certified technicians do. We know how these elements affect your driving performance, fuel efficiency, and braking ability. By ensuring your wheels are properly aligned, you are ensuring your safety as well. The lifts and equipment in our shop allow our technicians to get an up-close view of your wheel alignment to ensure your vehicle is operating as safely as possible.

Feel the Road

What will it feel like if your vehicle’s wheels are not properly aligned? You know your vehicle better than anyone, and you know when something isn’t right. While you are driving, be aware of your vehicle’s contact with the road below. Of course, you are going to feel that pothole around the corner from your office or the slippery sensation on certain asphalts. Instead, pay attention to any new sensations. Maybe your car has started pulling to one side on straight roads. Maybe you feel extra tension when you drive over railroad tracks. Any change from what you have felt in your car’s performance before may be an indication that your alignment needs to be checked. If you are unsure whether your wheels are properly aligned or whether your ride is as smooth as it can be, call us at (813) 935-6720 or use our online scheduling system to set up an appointment with a technician so they can help you identify any issues. You can also find us at 9713 N. Nebraska Avenue and stop in for walk-in service!