Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Auto Maintenance in Tampa, FL

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Just because your car is running does not mean it is running at its peak performance. At RI Automotive in Tampa, Florida, we know that every element of your vehicle affects the whole. You may not have had time to read your owner’s manual because you have a life. Our life is automotive repair and we are at your disposal. We have experience with all makes and models — foreign and domestic, family and fleet — and their issues. If we have not dealt with your specific problem, we have encountered something similar and will be able to find a solution that suits you and your vehicle. The more information we have from you about the performance of your car, the more quickly we will be able to identify issues that need to be fixed.

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Ask Away

Our expertise is at your disposal! No question is too basic, and no concern is too small when it comes to your safety. Chances are, if you feel something isn’t right with your vehicle, you’re probably experiencing the beginning stages of what might be a larger issue. If you are having difficulty with your steering, perhaps it is pulling to one side, let us know. If the liftgate does “this thing” when you are trying to close it, let us know. You are in your vehicle every day, experiencing its quirks and faults. The more information we have from you, the better our chances of finding a minor issue before it becomes a major one! If there is any question left unanswered or concern unaddressed, we haven’t given you the full breadth of our knowledge and expertise.

At Your Convenience

Your vehicle’s manufacturer probably has a specific set of guidelines for ongoing checks and factory-scheduled maintenance. But we know your life does not revolve around your car’s maintenance schedule. Taking the time to come in for a routine oil change or leaving your car for larger repairs is a burden on your time. RI Automotive technicians will work with you and help estimate the most efficient way to perform services on your car. For those services that require a bit more time, we offer a complimentary shuttle service for our customers, so your life isn’t put on hold. Our goal is to make preventative maintenance an easy experience for you, taking away the burden of unexpected visits and costs. Call us at (813) 935-6720 or use our online scheduling system to make your appointment. You can also visit us at 9713 N. Nebraska Avenue in Tampa, Florida, for walk-in service. Check out our resources for other essential maintenance items, including: Tire Repair, Brake Repair, Wheel Alignment, and Car A/C Repair to see if these should be included as a part of your comprehensive preventative maintenance routine. When you arrive, ask your technician if your vehicle may need one or several of these services, and we will be happy to help.