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Car A/C Repair in Tampa, FL

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Tampa drivers know how necessary a working air conditioner is in their vehicle. Many might prioritize efficient A/C as highly as good tires and state-of-the-art safety features. Some might argue it is less of a luxury and more of a necessity in Florida! However, car A/C systems can be temperamental and uncooperative since they are put to such regular use. RI Automotive technicians are trained to work with precisely such systems to get them functioning against the Florida heat and humidity. Issues with these systems range from changing filters to replacing torn hoses to overhauling the compressor. We run our own diagnostic tests to determine any issues, but you know your car better than anyone, so be sure to voice any concerns to us. Our technicians will keep you informed as they determine the necessary repairs and offer you various options for air conditioning repair services.

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Small Leak, Big Problems

In many instances, a car A/C system blowing warm air instead of cool is an obvious indication of a system problem. Some issues, though, are not so obvious and easy to detect. The intricate workings of an air conditioning system are subject to great stress and even tiny flaws can develop into much larger problems. Our technicians are trained to look for the invisible issues as well. We are often able to identify refrigerant leaks before they affect the system as a whole. For example, fixing a smaller leak early can prevent further problems brought about by errant refrigerant like corrosion and rust. Fixing one hose is much less costly than replacing multiple surrounding parts as well. By bringing your vehicle for preventative maintenance like an A/C check, we can stop your vehicle’s cold air giving out while you are driving down I-275 in the Tampa heat!

Cooling the Rest of the Car

As with most aspects of your vehicle, the air conditioning system works in tandem with the rest of your vehicle. Blowing cold air isn’t just for the passengers, your engine relies on an efficient system to keep it cool. Just like us humans, an overheating engine is inefficient, sluggish, and even dangerous! While your main concern regarding air conditioning may be your own comfort, RI Automotive ensures your engine is comfortable as well. Our ASE certified and ASE Master certified technicians are experienced in repairing and replacing belts, compressors, evaporators, and other essential elements in your cooling system. We will discuss any necessary repairs with you and present options for services. As part of your ongoing and preventative maintenance plan, A/C repair ensures the rest of your vehicle can run without the risk of overheating which could cause further damage outside of the A/C system itself. If you think your air conditioning system may not be running at peak efficiency or if you can tell your engine is struggling, give us a call or use our online scheduling system to make an appointment at (813) 935-6720. Find us at 9713 N. Nebraska Avenue near the University of South Florida. We look forward to seeing you!