Brake Repair

Brake Repair in Tampa, FL

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Brake repair is one of the most fundamental elements of your vehicle’s performance. At RI Automotive in Tampa, Florida, we want your ride to be comfortable, efficient, and most importantly, safe. Brakes experience wear on a daily basis, not just during an emergency stop or an extreme maneuver. Even the most cautious driver, braking well before each stop and gently around curves, will be wearing down the brakes. That means that your brakes are losing their effectiveness every day. Brake repair is necessary especially because the effects are not visible to the driver during their use of the vehicle. Aging brakes affect the overall performance of your car including fuel efficiency and safety. Our technicians are trained to identify early wear on your brakes and closely monitor it until it is time for replacements. As an essential part of preventative maintenance, checking and changing brakes as needed will keep you, your family, and your community safer.

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Supportive Repairs & Counsel

We offer a wide variety of brakes that suit foreign and domestic vehicles, passenger and performance vehicles, and everything in between. Our ASE and ASE Master Certified technicians can discuss the various options with you and help you select the brakes that fit your budget and performance ideals. We are also happy to discuss ideal driving and braking techniques. Many drivers are unaware if they have poor driving practices that are harmful to the vehicle’s mechanics. We keep an eye out for any indications of these bad habits. If we find any issues, we will bring them to your attention. For example, we can point out if you have a specific wear pattern on your vehicle’s brakes that indicates hard braking. To extend the life of your brakes, you may want to make some changes to your driving. The more you know about your vehicle and the way you drive, the better performance you will achieve and the less wear on your vehicle and its essential mechanics. You should get the most out of any investment in your vehicle such as brakes. We want you to come back to our shop because you want to, not because you have to!

Continuing Performance and Safety

Along with wheel alignment and tire rotation, brake repair is essential to the ongoing maintenance and safety of your vehicle. We know you have hundreds of other concerns in your life, so leave the brake safety of your vehicle to us! Our services are backed by a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Even after you leave our shop, you can feel confident when you pump those brakes. Don’t wait until you start to feel less-responsive braking power. If you are unsure about the current condition of your brakes, give us a call for an appointment at (813) 935-6720. We can also see walk- in customers who visit us at 9713 N. Nebraska Avenue near the University of South Florida. Our technicians would much rather see you rolling through our bay doors than through a red light!