Automotive Services in Tampa, FL

We’re Your Local Experts -- RI Automotive

At RI Automotive in Tampa, Florida, we know auto service is an unfamiliar subject for most people and we would like to offer our expertise. If you are rolling into our shop with a specific vision for your vehicle, we will explain the various options we offer and help make your vision a reality. If your vehicle is speaking a different language and you need help translating a mysterious clunking sound from under the hood, we can help pinpoint the issue and offer suggestions to resolve it. The pride in our business comes from the quality of our work and the quality of our customer service. Whether it is your first visit or you are a repeat customer, we listen to you and your needs in order to provide a transparent and competitive quote for any services we suggest. We want to make this as painless as possible and we welcome any questions that help you understand more about your vehicle. After our work is completed, you need to be satisfied and confident to drive your car out of our bay doors and back into your life!

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Major & Minor Repairs & Maintenance

Some customers come to RI Automotive with a specific vision of what they want for their vehicle. If you know you are coming in for chassis and suspension repair, we are happy to work with you based off of your needs. However, most customers aren’t sure what the solution is because they have only just encountered the problem. In these situations, we make sure you are aware as soon as we have identified the issue and we can then present you with our recommendations for repairs. Ask us about the auto services we are recommending for your vehicle, test our knowledge! We promise to provide a full explanation that helps you feel confident in your vehicle and our plans to fix it. We believe in the idea that the better you understand the repairs and services, the more confident you will feel in the results of our performance.

Ongoing Maintenance for Peak Performance

While most customers come to RI Automotive in Tampa, Florida, because of a specific issue that has arisen with their vehicle, not all wear and tear on your vehicle is visible to the naked eye. A flat tire is flat and then it is fixed. However some problems begin and develop long before their effects are seen. Your car may be driving, but it may not be driving at its peak performance. Perhaps you could be achieving even better gas mileage. We recommend regular, preventative maintenance which gives us the opportunity to identify any issues before they progress beyond a simple repair. If you are coming in for factory-scheduled maintenance, we can keep your vehicle in condition that exceeds even dealership standards! Call us at (813) 935-6720 for an appointment to make sure your vehicle is working at peak performance. You can also stop by 9713 N. Nebraska Avenue near the University of South Florida for walk-in service!