Diesel Repair & Maintenance Services in Tampa, FL

Diesel RepairWhen it comes to diesel engines in Tampa, FL, RI Automotive is the only auto repair shop you can trust. These heavy-duty engines require a special skill level to repair, and the ASE-certified technicians at RI Automotive have years of experience dealing with and repairing these specialized engines. Using state-of-the-art computer diagnostics and tools, our team knows exactly how to get and keep these engines in their best shape. We are the go-to for diesel and truck repair in the area.

Diesel Engines in Tampa, FL

Cummins Diesel Engine – Cummins diesel engines are used in all types of vehicles and are both fuel-efficient and extremely powerful. You can also find Cummins engines in recreational and commercial marine vehicles. RI Automotive in Tampa, FL, can diagnose and fix any issues you may have with your Cummins diesel engine.

Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engine – If you are looking for a light-duty diesel engine with heavy-duty hauling capabilities, look no further than the Ford Power Stroke diesel engine. This domestic diesel engine is also among the most fuel-efficient diesel around. RI Automotive uses only Ford OEM parts when we work on these complex engines.

Duramax Diesel Engine – General Motors’ Duramax diesel engine is usually made use of in light or medium-duty trucks. The all-powerful Duramax engine was originally installed in 2001, with two million more produced by the end of the year in 2007. RI Automotive’s team of experienced techs are experts with these complicated engines.

Diesel Services & Repair in Tampa, FL

At RI Automotive in Tampa, FL, we offer a full slate of diesel services and repairs. If there is something wrong with your diesel engine, RI Automotive can fix it. Among the diesel services we offer are:

If you drive a vehicle with a diesel engine, RI Automotive has you covered, bumper-to-bumper.

Diesel Repair Near Me

Diesel engine vehicles require special drivers – and special care. For all things diesel, RI Automotive in Tampa, FL has you covered. Get the best truck repair today. Make an appointment with us and let us make you a customer for life.

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