Brake Repair & Replacement Services in Tampa, FL

More than anything else in your vehicle, the brakes and braking system are responsible for the safety of the occupants of said vehicle. Being the system completely responsible for slowing and stopping the car, the braking system needs to be in top working order at all times. Keeping your brakes and braking system in shape with regular maintenance is essential to your brakes’ performance, and failure could be disastrous. If your vehicle needs brake service or repair, bring it to the ASE certified technicians at RI Automotive we offer the best brake repair in Tampa and the surrounding area.

Brake Repair & Service

Brake Service in Tampa, FL


Regular brake service and preventative maintenance are essential to keeping your braking system in working order. Most vehicle’s braking systems feature a rotor, a caliper, and brake pads. When the brakes stop the vehicle, the pads or shoes wear down, eventually needing replacement. Coasting around Tampa, FL on worn brake pads can hurt the system’s rotor, which means more expensive problems down the road. RI Automotive recommends checking out your car’s owner’s manual to figure out how often brake maintenance is required for your car, and we are happy to help you determine this.

Brake Repair in Tampa, FL

If you haven’t been as on top of things with your brake and braking system maintenance, and you are beginning to notice problems, it might be time to bring it into the experienced pros at RI Automotive in Tampa, FL. Any of the following issues mean that you should prioritize getting your car in sooner rather than later:

  • Brakes make a squealing noise
  • Brakes vibrate and shake
  • Brakes grind when not being used
  • Brakes must be depressed harder to stop the car

These are all signs your vehicle requires immediate brake repair. Continuing to drive on worn brake pads can cause significant damage to not just the braking system but the entire vehicle. RI Automotive can get you in, get you fixed up, and back on the road in no time.

Brake Repair Near Me

If you drive around Tampa, FL, with worn or insufficient brakes, you are driving dangerously. The trusted, experienced, ASE-certified technicians at RI Automotive can diagnose and fix any and all brake issues, and even offer a 3-year/36k mile nationwide warranty on all work performed. Don’t drive around with bad brakes; make an appointment with us today!

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