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You walk out to your car in the morning, start up the engine and you notice, “Hey, it’s still as hot and humid in here as it is outside!” This always seems to happen on the hottest mornings, doesn’t it? A broken vehicle AC isn’t a repair most would consider putting off, especially here in the warm Tampa weather. When it comes to auto AC repair in Tampa and the surrounding area, you know you can trust the experts at RI Automotive to cool you off and get you back on the road!

Auto AC Repair Tampa FL

Auto A/C Repair Tampa

Vehicle AC units are most often made up of three pieces – a compressor, the condenser, and an evaporator. The compressor, which is part of your vehicle’s engine, pressurizes and heats up the refrigerant gas before it makes its way to the car’s condenser. The condenser expels the heat from the refrigerant gas and cools it down into a high-pressure liquid state. As the gas cools, the evaporator works with an internal fan to help heat or cool the inside of your car. Compressor troubles will most likely lead to AC repair, but breakdowns with the fan, filter trouble, or even just a recharge of coolant can mean you need to bring your car in for AC repair. If your AC isn’t working, don’t sweat it; just bring it into RI Automotive in Tampa, FL.

AC Service & Auto AC Repair Tampa, FL

So when is it time to bring your car in for AC service? Most people would assume it’s when the AC simply stops working, but this isn’t the typical first symptom of AC problems. Usually, before an AC completely stops working, it will simply fail to blow as cold as it did when you drove it off the lot. This subtle change in your AC’s effectiveness is a sure sign you need AC service. Make an appointment with RI Automotive in Tampa, FL, before your AC stops working completely. In this heat? You don’t want that to happen. If your car isn’t as cool as it once, bring it into RI Automotive.

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In Tampa, FL, if your vehicle AC isn’t working, it’s a big deal. The ASE-certified technicians at RI Automotive in Tampa, FL are here to help cool you down and get you driving comfortably again. Whether your AC isn’t working or isn’t working as well as it used to, it’s time to bring it in and let us have a look at it. Make an appointment today.

$99 A/C Service

  • Evacuate Refrigerant
  • System Performance and Leak Check
  • Recharge System
  • Includes up to 1lb of Refrigerant

*Most cars/ light trucks. Excludes 1234yf refrigerant. Must present at check-in. Cannot be combined. Limited time only.


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