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Some automotive problems seem to appear out of nowhere without any warning. When your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, however, it’s no secret. There are warning signs that clue you in to the need for service. What’s more, they don’t go away or get better on their own. You will continue to have problems until you have the alignment corrected. If you recognize the need for wheel alignment, RI Automotive in Tampa, Florida, is here to help. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our ASE certified technicians can check your alignment and properly orient the wheels, preventing the need for additional repairs that might result from misalignment.

The Tell-Tale Signs

Even though you can’t see the alignment of your wheels from inside the car, a misalignment situation can’t hide itself for long. If your steering wheel isn’t straight or won’t return to center, you need to have the alignment checked. As you’re driving straight ahead, if the vehicle pulls to one side, this is also an indicator of misalignment. Another signal is squealing tires. Also, poor wheel alignment often causes your tires to wear unevenly. You may notice that they are worn quite a bit more in some spots than in others. The uneven wear may cause a bumpier, less pleasant ride. Left uncorrected poor wheel alignment usually causes greater concerns, including the need to purchase new tires sooner than expected and damage caused by undue stress to other components of the suspension system.

We’re No Secret

Perhaps the root cause of your vehicle’s poor alignment is something you had rather not talk about. You weren’t paying attention and hit that major pothole down the block–for the third time this week. Or maybe you turned the corner too sharp and ran over the curb–hard. Could it be that you weren’t looking and backed into the retaining wall by your driveway? You covered the scratches, but you didn’t realize you upset the wheel alignment. Whatever happened, we won’t tell. Your secret is safe with us. What you can’t hide are the results that occur when the wheels aren’t properly oriented with one another. What to do about it, however, is no secret. Bring your vehicle to RI Automotive in Tampa, Florida. We’ll correct your wheel alignment, stop the signs you’re noticing, and help you prevent the future problems that will occur without proper attention. So while our great service is no secret, we’ll keep your little mishaps on the down-low. Sshhhh! See you soon!

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